Community Partners

If you are a voluntary organisation, community group, local authority or educational establishment then perhaps you can benefit from working with us with.


With more and more funding being cut for face-to-face work we need to ensure that we find other methods to help people manage their economic circumstances more effectively, and we have a variety of solutions as well as traditional methods.




We have developed our stationary with this in mind and sought to use humour, illustrations and practical tools to start people on the journey of helping themselves. These can be used as part of one to one sessions and workshops.


Volume orders for community organisations will receive significant discounts on the retail price.


Online Tools

We are able to provide a customised of the Money Tool Box for your organisation. You will find that presenting information in a more user friendly way will increase usage and is likely to be of greater benefit to your clients.


Mobile Tools

Mobile penetration in the UK is over 100% and more people have access to smartphone phones than ever before and the figures keep rising. Use of smartphone technology could be an amazing opportunity in terms of reach and economic sense for the voluntary sector . Ministry of Thrift has a suite of money management apps coming soon.


We are also developing a number of solutions using SMS technology to ensure maximum access to information for all. Please do contact us to find out more.